Weekly Recap 21: Flight, Beach & Summervibes

Köln & Düsseldorf, Deutschland
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Was sagt die Chefredaktuerin der Vogue Deutschland über Jogginghosen, Blogger und Modeketten wie Zara? Was war mein Highlight der Woche? Und wo habe ich zusammen mit Denis am Wochenende die Sonne genossen? All das erfahrt ihr im heutigen Wochenrückblick.

Norwegian Photography – Inspiration

These people aren’t assigned to us, but chosen by us—and isn’t that as worthy of celebration as any confluence of fate and genetics? These carefully selected families continue to grow throughout our lives without a ticking sociological to worry about.
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Photographer to Inspire: Workshop

The literature on creativity suggests that there are at least a few personality traits that promote creative behavior, such as openness, a willingness to take risks and an ability to tolerate ambiguity and cope with novel situations.
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Day with best Friend – Leica

Human nature is a broad term that encompasses many qualities. Creativity is less a general or amorphous quality and more a very specific capacity to exercise a specific set of skills. Is everyone born with the potential to develop these skills?
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