"My mission is to make people aware of all the beauty in life; the beauty they will miss otherwise without even noticing it, while they are looking at their smartphones. It’s about the magic of fashion, art and experiences around the globe. Addicted to create inspiring content, I also want brands to become a part of the conversation instead of interrupting it."

JASMIN KESSLER is a personal fashion & lifestyle blog created by Jasmin Kessler, who is based in Cologne, Germany. After her first blog minamia.de was published in October of 2014, she relaunched her website as JASMINKESSLER.COM, allowing a mix of high-end fashion and lower cost clothes, classic labels and new trends.

In addition to fashion, the blog covers different lifestyle topics eg. as art, interior, events and travel. The high quality of photos and texts made brands like Karl Lagerfeld, Yves Saint Laurent, Jimmy Choo and many others, wanting to cooperate with her. The author is proud of the positive feedback of followers and business partners.


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